FEBRUARY 26-27, 2016


Competition Judge

Orrin Evans

Two time Grammy nominee and Pew Fellow, Orrin Evans has been recognized as one of the most distinctive and inventive pianists of his generation. In a short span of time Orrin has earned the titles of pianist, composer, bandleader, teacher, producer and arranger. The New York Times described the pianist as “… a poised artist with an impressive template of ideas at his command”, a quality that has undoubtedly assisted in keeping Orrin at the forefront of the music scene.  Always pushing the boundaries of music – even questioning what it’s called – Evans attracts other brilliant, progressive musicians with a sound and style like no one else and organizes structures that can support them artistically and professionally. First he co-created Tarbaby, a collaborative concept with bass- ist Eric Revis and drummer Nasheet Waits. Now he’s forged Likemind, a larger concept of an artist collec- tive that currently includes his own music, Tarbaby’s and that of Revis and vocalist JD Walter.

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